Magnetic Pickup Unit (MPU)

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Magnetic Pick-Up Units (MPU)

RB Electronics manufactures and supplies Magnetic Pick-up sensors that are available in different dimensions and sizes to suit the varieties of applications they can be used in. These have an impedance of 750 Ohm (+/- 50 Ohm) and the lengths usually range from 55 mm to 90 mm. This import substitute item is generally used to measure RPM of flywheel, shaft of diesel engines are motors. The MPUs we sell excel in their performance and are one of the best available in the market.  Our team of experts, with years of experience they have in the industry, is developing special types of MPUs  in order to meet specific demands of customers.


  • S.S. Body M16 x 1.5 Threading
  • S.S. Body M12 x 1.5 Threading
  • Impedance 750 Ohm (+/-50ohm)
  • Length : 55mm, 90mm (as per requirement)