AMF  Panel (Automatic Mains Failure Panel)

Here at RB Electronics we have a wide range of AMF panels ranging from 2.5 kva to 1250 kva which are known for great performance,durability and maximum uptime. Our Amf panels can be programmed with the help of our Genset Controllers allowing you to decide the switch over time.With a in-house fabrication unit, great standards & a great IQC(inward quality check) department our end product (Automatic mains failure Panel) has been outstanding.Along with years of experience our company has in the Generator industry we are able to adapt to clients specific requirements and offer customised solutions for Automatic switchover of Generators. Click here to drop an Enquiry with us.

Features of AMF Panel include:

  • Auto/Manual Selector
  • Auto delay in start of genset
  • Genset stop with delay
  • Hooter-alarm annunciation for fail to start
  • Checklist to find the fault and to correct
  • Manual Start & Stop Switch
  • Emergency Stop switch
  • Auto LLOP (Low Lube Oil Pressure) and (High Water Temperature) protections.
  • All comes in a 14 /16 Swg panel with door.