24w Solar Street Light

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24W Solar Street Light

Solar street lights are often used to light locations where grid power is unavailable or the cost of cabling is too high. It is easy and cheap to install as it works with the help of sunlight. RB electronics is the pioneer in manufacturing and supplying solar lights for various indoor and outdoor applications. 24W solar street lights undergo various processes under expert supervision to obtain the best results. The main feature of these solar street lights is that they automatically illuminate during sunset and switch off when the sun rises. We provide customized and centralized operating solar street lights to suit various customer applications.


  • LED Luminary – instant ON & OFF
  • Durable
  • Automatic operation from dusk to dawn
  • High lumen output 100 Lm/W
  • High efficient & cool friendly


  • 70w-150w MH lamp
  • 24W LED lamp
  • AC 110v-220v